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Below are videos that are used around the world as resources to help children learn the Gospel and testimonies as to the impact this has had on children, communities, and schools. Watch them and share them with the children in your life, Sunday Schools, clubs, children’s ministries, or wherever you’d like to disciple or encourage kids with the message of the Gospel and with the inspiration that they can change the world for Jesus!

Grow Deeper and More Confident in Sharing Your Faith

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Hope For Kids - Evangecube

Walk through the Gospel Presentation with Kai, a five year old who learned what these pictures mean and how he can share it with others!

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Jesus Brings Hope To Kids

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Watch as children share the hope they have found in Jesus and now are able to share with others.

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The Complete Gospel Pathway

Monique Godfrey demonstrates the Gospel Pathway hand motions that help children learn to share the Gospel.

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Animated Gospel

In this video, watch as the Gospel comes to life through animation! This is a great video to show children the Gospel in a fun and interactive way.

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Travis' Hope For Kids Story

“There is no doubt at all that these kids can bring that same Holy Spirit into their homes and impact their entire family and even their neighborhood.” -Travis

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Hope for Kids Goes to School

Listen to the testimonies of teachers and students who were impacted by Hope For Kids in their school!

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A Boy Named Gift

Gift’s story has touched and encouraged many that today is the day to love and share the Gospel with the message of the Good News of Jesus. God loves them, and He wants them to know that!

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